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Comfort Amenities and Technology

The Perfect Balance of Comfort and Modern Technology

Your Montello and Berlin family dentists know that most people are taken aback by a cold and sterile clinical environment. We want you to feel at ease while receiving the safe and efficient care that state-of-the-art technology provides, so we take extra steps to help you overcome fears and feel at home while you’re in the dental chair.

Anesthesia and Sedation Methods

Many patients require nothing more than a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area during a dental procedure. However, anxious patients may need a little something extra to help them feel safe and relaxed for the duration of the procedure. In such cases, we can prescribe a relaxant medication such as Valium to be taken the night before and the day of the appointment. Additionally, we offer nitrous oxide, which is commonly called “laughing gas.” Mixed with oxygen, nitrous oxide is administered through a mask placed over the nose, and it helps alleviate pain in addition to giving the patient warm, euphoric feelings. Safely used in dentistry for over a century, nitrous oxide is easily controllable, and the effects wear off quickly once the mask is removed from your face.

Comfort Amenities to Relax and Soothe You

To further comfort you, your Montello and Berlin dentists provide neck pillows and soothing warm blankets during your procedure. We also have TVs and music, which you can listen to with headphones, in our treatment rooms to serve as comforting distractions. You may also bring your own iPod and headphones if you’d like. If there is anything else that we can provide to make your experience more pleasant, do not hesitate to ask.

Digital X-Rays and Intraoral Cameras

To stay abreast of changes in your oral health and protect your overall health, we offer digital X-rays rather than conventional X-rays that use film. Digital X-rays produce half the amount of radiation compared to traditional radiography, and the images can be viewed immediately on computer monitors in our exam rooms. Another technology we use is an intraoral camera, a small pen-shaped device that takes pictures of your teeth and gums. These images are also immediately viewable on chairside monitors, which helps us to properly explain your diagnosis and point out areas of concern. Both digital X-rays and intraoral camera images are saved in your digital chart, and we can compare old images to new ones at each appointment to stay on top of the slightest changes that occur.

What Our Clients Say


"I had a very positive visit. I have high anxiety and they dealt with my fear gracefully. I highly recommend them."

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